Whurl Guide to Amsterdam!

Whurl-AmsterdamWe really had the best time in Amsterdam! The weather was excellent which makes it so much more enjoyable to visit somewhere so walkable! There are so many reasons to love Amsterdam: the food is great, people are great, everyone speaks english so there’s little to no learning curve there. We did the same thing that we did when we went to Tokyo and we rented a Wi-Fi device which I highly recommend. It just helps you get around easier when you don’t need to search for a wifi network in order to connect to the internet. This was my third trip to Amsterdam; the other two were about six years ago for work and I love it more more each time I’ve been! The vintage shopping is amazing. I would say it’s one of the top cities to shop vintage in the world that I’ve been to! It was great to get to go and experience such a fun city with Aaron and my family was there too. I jotted down some tips below, hope you enjoy them!
Considering how small of a city Amsterdam is, you might be surprised when you see how many options there are as to where to stay! Tons of hotels and airbnbs and everything in between but I’m extremely happy with our choice to stay at The Hoxton. Super centrally located, very comfortable, very cute and most importantly the coffee and food there was great. Oh great cocktails too!

One of my favorite vintage chains to shop at is called Episode. There are four or five in Amsterdam and there are some in other European cities as well.  They have a really great selection and I really enjoyed their organization system! Tons of stuff that spanned many decades and was organized accordingly which made it super easy for me to find 60’s and earlier! And regardless of the decade everything was about the same price!

time machine
We stumbled across this cute vintage store called Time Machine where I bought a gorgeous dress and Aaron even found a shirt he loved. The neighborhood was adorable as well!
I also love this little market that we went to called Stach! I always feel drawn to those types of tiny convenient stores especially in other cities or countries because they usually stock local goods and we got some really good chocolate bars and some amazing sparkling water with hibiscus flavoring! Can’t wait to go back and go there again!
van wonderenstroopwaffels
Amsterdam is known for Stroopwafels which are like a little cookie waffles probably butchering the description there but they’re so good! I got mine from Van Wonderen Stroopwafels– made fresh and then dipped in various toppings and I thoroughly enjoyed mine with tiny marshmallows and chocolate. Highly recommend having at least once!
van wonderen freitan
Similarly, there’s a french fry spot called van Freitan that serves up just delicious fries and dipping sauces. I can’t resist a good salty snack so I had to indulge and no regrets! Yummmm.
Speaking of no regrets…i happened upon another french fry stand and why on earth would i deny myself?! Also delicious and maybe even better because it came in the cutest little cone! Definitely go to Vlaams if you’re in the neighborhood!
we also went to the Stedelijk Museum which is more of a modern Art Museum. Super fun and next door to the van Gogh Museum. It was cool to discover some new artists and get to check out a new museum in a new city.
Also went to the Anne Frank house which is exactly what it sounds like it’s the actual house that she hid in during the holocaust. It’s pretty powerful for a lot of reasons but I think it’s rare that you can go inside of such a historic place and really feel close to what her and her family must have felt. Make sure to reserve your tickets ahead of time!
One of my favorite things to eat in Amsterdam when I went in the past was to get these tiny Dutch pancakes called poferjes.  They’re kind of shaped like little disks or UFOs but they’re the best pancakes ever!!  I like them better than regular pancakes because they’re a little bigger than bite-size and they really soak up syrup and whatever else you put on them. The Pancake Bakery is the spot!
We went to the restaurant Mama Kelly right when it opened because I knew I wanted to take some pics of the all pink interior. It was pretty empty so I recommend that if you plan to go! We asked if we could take a couple pictures instead of just starting to snap away so I would recommend doing that if you go.
We went to a restaurant called Neni with my parents on our last night there and it was like really amazing Mediterranean food. The hummus was so whipped and creamy and heavenly! The restaurant design was adorable as well with a yellow and mint green color scheme going on. Definitely would go back, one of my favorite meals there!
One of my parents favorite places to go is this place called Winkel 43 and they’re known for their apple cake. It’s not really even worth describing because it just taste like heaven. It’s like apple pie but 20 times better! You definitely have to go there if you make it to Amsterdam.
We had lots of great asian food in Amsterdam and loved this udon shop called Fou Fow Udon. They also have a cute little ramen shop nearby called Fou Fow Ramen. Since Amsterdam is a city that generally doesn’t get super hot it’s likely proper weather for a nice bowl of soup while you’re in town!
plukThere are so many cute cafes in Amsterdam, sometimes they start to blend together when you’re walking the city! It’s impossible to try them all but we walked past this one enough that I knew I wanted to try it on our last morning and it was just perfect. Delicious pastries, yummy oat milk matcha and a perfectly filling avocado toast! Would definitely go back to Pluk!
foodhallenWe loved Foodhallen! Ate here twice over the course of our weeklong trip because the food was so good and with over a dozen options and a full bar, it’s easy to find something for everyone in a big group when you’re going out to dinner. I wish we had more places like this in LA!
You know where to find me if you have any questions about this guide!

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