7 things you must do in Tulum


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Ahh just settling back into normal non-vacation life…it’s hard, not going to lie! While sitting at the Cancun airport I jotted down some tips from my favorite places I visited on this trip and wanted to share them since I got quite a few messages from people planning upcoming trips to the area. I highly recommend it as an extremely reasonably priced tropical vacation. I’m here for any beach vacations where you can eat tacos for less than $5 for a meal!

acs_1822Mayan Ruins – this is one of my all time favorite tourist spots I’ve ever been to. Why, you ask? It truly has it all! Gorgeous ruins that are thousands of years old and fascinating to look at. Iguanas and Coati’s are walking around everywhere so there’s a zoo aspect too which I love. My favorite part has to be the beach entrance at the end. The cliffs at the end of the ruins overlook a gorgeous clear and warm beach, by far my favorite beach spot in the entire Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum area!

tacosTaqueria Honoria – The. Best. Tacos. Ever. We just love this place so much! We ate here probably 5 times on our last trip and knew we had to make it here at least once this time. They’re known for their Cochinita Pibil tacos, which is a Yucatan specialty made of delicious slow roasted pork. Theirs are served with a little pickled onion on top which is just divine! Not only are these delicious and native to the area, they cost about 75 cents each!

acs_1780Tiki Tiki Tulum – We stayed here the first time we came to Tulum and just fell in love with the aesthetic. The boutique hotel is designed so well with a gorgeous bar area and pool in the center of everything. We made it a point to stop in just for a drink and will probably end up staying here again next time we return just the two of us.

img_9958Wandering around downtown Tulum– Whether you’re looking for tacos, taking in the sights or people-watching, it’s nice to have time set aside to just wander and explore. There’s so much color and beauty to be seen! Also lots of cute wandering dogs to admire.

acs_1778Deer Tulum – looooved this shop! It actually just opened a few weeks ago so we really lucked out. The coffee and matcha were delicious and the store was full of handmade goods from local Mexican artisans. I bought a friend a gorgeous set of glasses as a housewarming / birthday gift. Can’t wait to give them to her!

acs_1823Posado Margherita – even for those of us that L O V E tacos need a break or two from Mexican food on a week long stay here. Luckily there’s no shortage of great food in Tulum! One of our favorites is the Italian spot Posado Margherita. After walking down a pathway littered with plants, cute vintage appliances and old window panes, you arrive at the most adorable beachside eatery. A refreshing cocktail and a bowl of shrimp pasta and I was perfectly content. What more do you need?

img_7465Swim in a Cenote– If you’ve never swam in a Cenote you’re in for a treat. They’re defined as surface connections to subterranean bodies of water. They’re basically freshwater pools that are often super clear and blue and fun to swim around in. The one we went to (Dos Ojos) is inside a cave and just so pretty! We saw fish but some even see turtles swimming around.

Thanks so much for following my trip and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about visiting Tulum!

all opinions stated are my own, however this post was sponsored by Southwest

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