Interview with Elsie Larson

Super excited to launch a capsule collection on Whurl today from Elsie Larson! I asked her a few burning questions about her business and fashion inspos. Check it out below!


Who or what is your current style inspiration?

Augh- good question. I am always inspired by 1960s and 70s looks. 


What are your favorite pieces in your closet?
Definitely dresses and jumpsuits! I wear my everyday basics more often, but dresses are what I look forward to wearing the most. I love saving them for special occasions! 
I heard that you used to own a vintage store! What was that like?
I did. It was a lot of fun… at first. But after a couple years I realized that owning a storefront wasn’t my passion. But I still miss dressing up the windows and making displays. My sister and I made a lot of special memories there.
Has becoming a mom changed your style or how you shop for clothes?
Yes. I didn’t think it would! But I am definitely finding myself craving a new look and it’s been fun to experiment with that lately. I think anytime you enter a new season of life it’s a fun time to experiment with new styles. I kind of just wanted to start over- and the cool thing is you always can! 
What projects do you have coming up that you’re excited about?
Our app business, A Color Story, is always busy. I am currently working on a new effects pack that is focused on grain and light leaks. 
And for, A Beautiful Mess, I just love this time of year. Lots of halloween and holiday projects on the horizon! YAY!