Whurl Guide to Austin!


Artwork by Louise Androlia

Honestly, I’m ashamed it took me this many years to get to Texas! I’ve wanted to go for so long and we even discussed doing a road trip there at least a half-dozen times but it always ended up being just too much time away from work + life. So anyway, this trip was long overdue but it definitely lived up to the hype. Great vintage shopping, delicious, amazing weather and people!


The Line Hotel

When picking a hotel we knew we wanted to be somewhere central, not too pricy and comfortable enough since we were in town for 5 nights. The Line Hotel ticked all of those boxes and was even more exciting because it had only been opened for two months so it was brand new. It also had a gorgeous pool that didn’t hurt. Really loved staying here and the staff was so sweet and in love with Mochi too, ha.


Alfred Coffee

Another huge perk of staying at The Line: there’s an Alfred Coffee in the lobby and oat milk matchas available whenever your heart desires.


Butler Park

I fully fell in love with this park, located walking distance from our hotel and along a gorgeous lake. At the end of the park is an off-leash dog area we visited a few times. This being the first time we took a major trip (and flight!) with Mochi it was such a relief to have this so close to us. Also, seeing her splash into the lake with her new doggie friends brought me so much joy!


Blue Velvet Vintage

I’ve followed this store for years on instagram and lusted over their jumpsuits and great pricing but I’ve always been devastated that they don’t sell online. So I made sure to stop by not once but twice while I was in town. Also got to meet the owner and some of the amazing staff which made the visit even more special.


Room Service Vintage

Love this spot! Tons of good furniture, knick knacks and clothes. I found an amazing rainbow terrycloth swim cover up that I wore immediately when I got back to the hotel.


Revival Vintage

Another great store across the street with equal parts clothing and home goods. Found a stunning floral maxi here!


Prototype Vintage Design

Love the aesthetic of this shop! I’m such a sucker for color-coordinated merchandising and great 60’s minis! Located in the heart of Austin, this one is a mustttt after you brunch on South Congress!


Flashback Vintage

Adorable little house turned vintage store. I’ve been to a few places like this around the U.S. and I just love it. I actually didn’t find anything I absolutely needed here but Aaron happened upon the most perfect pair of 60’s deadstock slacks that fit him like a glove for $18 so definitely worth it. I also love that they have equal parts women and mens’ clothing.


Churro Co

Heavenly churro truck next door to Flashback. Just remembering it right now is making me salivate! We got the “Campfire” and highly recommend it!



When people talk about food in Austin they’re usually either talking about BBQ or tacos so naturally those were first on my list to try. Tacodeli is one of two main breakfast taco chains in Texas and it was so good. Also loved how customizable the menu is.


Sour Duck / Odd Duck

Two sister spots we ate at that were totally worth the hype. We had the yummiest chocolate soft serve with potato chips and caramel on top at Sour Duck our first night in town. Drooool. On our final date we had a nice sit down meal at Odd Duck and enjoyed corn cakes with salsa and pork belly on top. Get it!

image 2

Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

Dreamy snowcones on the side of the road. Love this little icy treat we had in the middle of one of the hottest days we had in Austin!


Easy Tiger Bake Shop

Right after booking The Line Hotel I found out there was a cool new-ish food hall directly across the street called Fareground. Yipee! Immediately after that I found out there was an amazing bakery called Easy Tiger Bake Shop with a giant German pretzel. Double Yipee!! The pretzel was heavenly and all the other food stalls were great to snack on too. Great stop if you’re downtown



Hands down our favorite meal in Austin. Everything was absolutely perfect from the hummus beet labneh to the birthday cake ice cream sandwiches for dessert and everything in between. The ambiance was perfect and the staff was impeccable. I can’t wait to go back!


Kitty Cohen’s

Frosé on tap and a vintagey patio with a tiny pool and umbrellas. Need I say more? I think their instagram bio is what sold me: “Palm Beach Rebel Woman-Inspired Patio Bar”. Sign me up!



Yummy brunch spot on South Congress with a juxebox and a fried chicken sandwich, two of my absolute favorite things in life! A nice slow spot for a mid-day meal after shopping and exploring.



Delicious, adorable and instagrammable spot for tex mex and best of all: QUESO. Thank god for lactaid because I went pretty wild there, haha. I’ll definitely be returining!



Relatively new Asian Smokehouse in Austin that we loved. The atmosphere is a bit like a sports bar but I didn’t mind. Also got to hear an awkward first date next to us, haha! The highlight was definitely the mango sake slushie.

Terry Blacks’ BBQ

So delicious I didn’t even get a picture of it! Loved the brisket and ribs and my main weakness is sides and I definitely sampled every single one. Bonus tidbit: we decided to feed Mochi our brisket leftovers for breakfast and dinner our last two days in town #spoiled.


P. Terry’s Burger Stand

Could this Austin burger chain be any cuter?! The aesthetic is like midcentury Pee Wee Herman vibe and I’m here for it. The menu is simple like In & Out and prices are pretty comparable. Where they really have a leg up is apparently their veggie burger is a dream come true. Honestly, I had all of the best intentions of trying it but I just wanted a regular burger, which was just as good as I had imagined.


I hope you enjoyed my guide! Drop me a comment with any questions you have below or where you want me to go next! XO

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