Dining Room Overhaul

I’m so excited to finally share this room with you guys! It’s been a long time coming, but we finally re-did our dining room to make it exactly what we wanted. Maybe “re-did” isn’t the proper term since we never actually “did” it in the first place (ha). When we bought our 1927 Spanish house two years ago, we quickly decided the dining room was our last priority. Our new house is almost twice the size of our last place and the kitchen already had a nook where we easily fit in our little 1950’s dining set that we had inherited from my grandparents (my dad used to eat his meals at it growing up!). All that’s to say that there were other rooms that needed our attention (&money) way more than we needed a second big traditional dining set, so the dining room became an interim sitting room which just meant we had an unnecessary second couch there.


the second time we ever saw our future house! Georgie is itching his way through the dining room. Sorry to our real estate agent who I turned into a beautiful flower

About a year ago I connected with the folks at Joybird and discussed redoing our dining room with some of their furnishings. I already owned two of their couches and knew I loved their quality and how customizable their pieces are. Once I picked out the perfect console and dining room set, I had a few months for them to be built so I decided to wallpaper one of the walls to make the room pop.

I tried finding vintage paper but couldn’t find the style I was looking for. After awhile I decided to get wallpaper made out of a print from one of my favorite vintage dresses. The process was much more simple than I thought! I asked a few friends who work in design and illustration for their advice and they all agreed that it should be pretty easy for a designer to make a repeat pattern for me out of the dress print. I was referred to someone through an old co-worker and I paid her for her work and in less than two weeks, I had the exact image I was looking for! After doing some research I ordered some wallpaper samples of my print in a few sizes from Spoonflower. Within weeks I received 7 rolls of my customized wallpaper! I then hired a professional to do the install since this wallpaper isn’t removable, it’s easy to mess up unless you know what you’re doing. I really love the look of it but I will warn you that their wallpaper is very reflective therefore making it a bit challenging to photograph without a glare, but I don’t really mind!



A few weeks later, our furniture arrived along with a rug that our friends bought us as a wedding gift from The Jungalow. Finally the room was complete! I really felt floored once it was all set up. Somehow the room looks bigger with more furniture in it than it did before?! It also just feels like it perfectly reflects us now! We were pretty quick to start inviting friends over for dinner now that we had a table that could fit more than just us. Perhaps I’m being dramatic but I feel much more excited to cook these days, just so I can sit and enjoy my meals in our lovely new dining room.

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