Kira Cook interviews Georgia Hardstark

Another great closet sale from my pal Georgia Hardstark launches today on Whurl and I decided to ask one of our mutual friends (and beyond talented writer!) Kira Cook to conduct the interview. Enjoy her answers below and make sure to check out the sale on the Whurl app!
Do you dress a certain way for your live podcast shows? 
Karen and I decided to wear black just to coordinate and have a “vibe.” Unfortunately I’ve always been obsessed with tacky patterns and bright colors so I literally only had 1 or 2 black dresses when we started touring. I’ve had to do a lot of shopping, which I don’t hate.
Do you miss eating on camera for work?
I miss cooking on camera, but not eating. No one looks good eating on camera.
You’d done a couple (or at least one) podcasts before MFM taking off. Did you sense from the beginning that it would become a phenomenon, or had something special, or was it just you two nerding out on murder for fun?
It was the latter. We liked both talking about true crime and podcasts, so we just decided to start MFM on a whim. We were, and continue to be, blown away by the success.
What’s your favorite era for vintage and why? 
I love the elegance of the 1940s and 50s, but my body was not made for that era. For my figure, I’ve found that 1970s and 80s compliment my combination of small boobs and big hips. Think Janet from Three’s Company.
What would be your Last Supper and what would you be wearing?
It would be a buffet in Las Vegas and I’d be wearing a beautiful dress with an elastic waist and pockets.
Has your personal style changed at all with the success of MFM?  *write in q from instagram*
I now have significantly more black in my wardrobe and fewer of the uncomfortable fancy dresses I would wear for Cooking Channel stuff. I also have more “casual” dresses that I can throw on when I go work at a cafe or run errands. I feel so much better about myself when I have a dress on, even on a random weekday, rather than jeans and sneakers.

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