My new headboard + interview with Jessica Pedraza


About 6 years ago I was looking through estate sale listings on craigslist and noticed a stunning golden colored heart-shaped full-size tufted headboard and my jaw dropped. “She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine,” I thought automatically before canceling my first meeting at the office that morning so I could rush over. Long story short, I got it! It wasn’t cheap but it was worth it to me. Such a unique piece that once belonged to a teen girl in the 60’s who had lived in this house near Beverly Hills. It moved with me three times until I decided it was time for a new and larger bed. Side note: I could probably write a whole post on how getting a king sized bed changed my life, highly recommend it! Anyway, the headboard didn’t really fit anymore and around this same time I connected with Jessica Pedraza on instagram. She’s an LA-based design-obsessed woman that works at Roberto Pedraza Custom Furniture, you guessed it, her family’s business. When she told me she could make ~anything~ my mind completely soared, but we decided to start first with making a new headboard for my bed in my dream color. I’ve never been involved in making a custom piece of furniture so it was really fun just to get to go fabric shopping for what I knew would eventually be MY headboard. Yesterday, my headboard was delivered and left me in tears because not only is it everything I dreamed, getting to see the details and quality up close I know it will someday be someone else’s vintage dream.



I loved working with Jessica and getting to know a bit about what inspires her. Feel free to reach out to her directly if you wanna be my headboard twin ❤

How did you get started in furniture design?

I really got started because of my dad. He needed help with paperwork and translating in his custom furniture business. I started visiting different custom furniture workrooms and furniture designers with him. I fell in love with  being able to help designers make their designs come to life.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
Seeing the finished piece completed and seeing how the client styles the piece in their home.
What are your favorite sources of inspiration?
Anything vintage especially from 40s-70s and Mexican Modernist designs from the 50s and 60s. I get a lot of my inspiration from vintage Mexican sterling jewelry.
Do you have a favorite designer? 
My favorite modern designer would be Kelly Wearstler and my favorite vintage designer is Charlotte Perriand , a french architect and furniture designer.



Next up for my bedroom: wallpaper!



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