Our Wedding Video

I’m so excited to share this! I feel the same way about this video as I do about the photo sneak peeks I’ve gotten so far from our photographers: I’m pretty sure I would still be obsessed with it if it weren’t my own wedding because the videographer + setting are just that amazing.

Amanda was an early adopter of Whurl so we’ve stayed connected over the past few years. She reached out about a month after I got engaged with a long + thoughtful email letting me know why she thought she would be best for the job of shooting video for our wedding and why video is important. Without even asking, she knew my concerns which was wild. ALSO, she mentioned in her email that it would be cool to consider getting married at the Madonna Inn while she had no idea that I was actually looking at the venue the exact day she sent me that email. I felt so connected to her already at that point and honored that she wanted to travel from Virginia to California to shoot my wedding. As we talked more she assured me she would be a somewhat quiet presence in the background shooting our day and capturing all of the magic that I was too busy to notice.

She was so sweet and genuinely calming the day of that I was not only satisfied but relieve that we had hired her. She also told me a story about how when she used to work at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn (if you are planning a trip to NY, make sure to stop there; amazing vintage!) a decade ago she would sit in the breakroom and stare longingly at a postcard of the Madonna Inn and think “I just have to go there one day!” What a sweet story and I’m so happy I was able to play a small part in helping her finally get to the see the beauty of the Madonna Inn in real life!

I’m blown away by what she captured, edited and created here in this perfect 5 minute video and I hope you enjoy it too! Please check out more of Amanda’s work here and she’s currently booking weddings and events all over the country through 2018.


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