Whurl Gurls: Interview with Keiko Lynn!

To celebrate the launch of Keiko Lynn’s closet sale (live now on Whurl!) I sat down and asked the OG blogger a few burning questions. Enjoy and be sure to check out her sale before it’s all gone!
I’ve been following your adventures for what feels like a decade and consider you as the first wave of blogging. How did you get started and what compels you to keep sharing today after so much of the industry has changed? 
I started blogging at the age of 15, when I needed an outlet. There’s no such thing as a private diary when you’re living with sisters, so having an online [semi] private diary was exactly what I needed. I had a small audience — some of whom still follow me today — and that carried over to livejournal. For someone as anxious and shy as I was, it was nice to have this built in support system. It’s very different today, but I love that I can still post something super personal and there are these longtime readers who will engage with me on a different level. I feel very lucky to have a unique readership.
patricia nash holding.jpg
I adore your fashion posts (especially featuring your drool-worthy closet) but I think the travel posts are some of my favorite. Do you have any factors that help you decide where to adventure next? Any fun upcoming travels you’re planning? How do you balance your travel time with your life in NYC?
My best friend and I take big trips together every year, since we live on opposite coasts. We are the queens of crowd sourcing and last minute decisions. We take everyone’s suggestions into consideration, then look at costs to narrow it down. We are planning a trip for September and have it narrowed down to a few places, but that doesn’t mean we won’t end up somewhere totally different. Last year we planned on going to Tulum and ended up in Thailand. NYC is a hub, so traveling feels like second nature. I do mostly domestic travel so that I can bring my pup along — she especially loves road trips — but international trips require a lot more planning when it comes to my animals. But the key to my staying in love with NYC is to get out of the city and explore as much as possible, no matter if it is for a quick day trip or an international excursion.
One thing I absolutely adore about following you, is seeing the work you’ve been doing with animals. As a fellow dog-lover person it just genuinely warms my heart to see you dedicate not only your social media real estate, but your actual time and energy to constantly helping animals. What made you decide to take your love of animals front and center?
All of my animals were adopted, and it’s the only thing I ever really considered. I never understood why there were people buying from pet stores when the shelters are overflowing. The only logical answer to me was that people just don’t know enough about it, or don’t want to confront it. I believe that people are generally very good and want to help, but need that extra little push.
lace trapeze
Do you remember what first drew you to vintage clothing? Or even the first piece you bought?
My mom has a consignment shop, and she often bought out entire estates. She doesn’t sell much clothing, so I would end up rooting through it (and the photos!) for my own collection. My mom fostered that love of vintage, but it was born through a combination of fascination with my great grandma’s old photos and good ol’ Nick at Nite when it was all classic television shows. I grew up with shows mostly from the 50s and 60s, so I was obsessed with those eras in particular.

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