Whurl Gurls: Meet Katie of @skunkboy!

SO excited to launch Katie’s closet sale today! She has the sweetest ethereal style with just the right dash of 60’s kitsch. I’ve been following her and her adorable family for a few years and am always inspired by her cute life. I mean, she’s in a band with her husband, has two beautiful daughters and a kickass backyard garden…does it get any cooler? Well, yes IT DOES! She just got a litter of kittens that you absolutely must check out on her instagram after you’ve looked through her sale on Whurl! xo
 Elise Abigail Photo
Where are you from?
*I’m from Springfield, MO, which is an ever-growing little slice of southern Missouri. The community here is amazing. People take pride in our city and are always working to grow the area. I love the passion here.
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What inspires you?
*I’m inspired by fun and whimsy. I adore vintage dollhouses and toys, and I love color. My home and wardrobe both reflect that.
What’s your favorite decade?
*My favorite decade is probably the 60’s. It’s the one I’m most drawn to, even though I’ve always dreamed of being a total 70’s babe.
Elise Abigail Photo
What’s your favorite place to vintage shop?
*Springfield has quite a few hole-in-the-wall secondhand shops and these are easily my favorite. I do love a pretty, curated vintage shop, but there is such satisfaction in popping in a Thrift Haven or an STD (yes, they are called that and we have two of them) and scoring something gorgeous for $2. I know my way around the sewing machine well enough to take even the rougher garments and turn them back into something wearable.
What’s the best thing you ever thrifted?
*The best thing I’ve ever thrifted is my vintage Playboy bunny chair. It sits in front of my vanity and it’s the perfect accent for my little getting-ready space. My husband actually popped in a thrift shop one day and once he spotted it, he immediately came home to pick me up so I could check it out. It was love at first sight.
Elise Abigail Photo
Name one fun fact about yourself
*I’m in a 90’s tribute band called The Mixtapes. I play keys, guitar, and accordion, and am 1 of 4 singers. We started this band for fun and now we’re about to celebrate our 4th birthday! We have a lot of fun and try to musically be our best without taking ourselves too seriously.