Whurl Gurls: Meet Gina of @bumblervintage!


I just love this girl so much! Gina has been a serious Whurl supporter since almost day one. In fact, she was the 293rd person to register on Whurl (!) within the first weeks of launch.  She’s even gone as far as traveling to Los Angeles from Michigan to sell at three separate pop-ups I’ve hosted! She rarely strays from her quintessential 80’s/90’s aesthetic that admittedly makes me squeal with glee when I see her new posts on Whurl. In fact, she just uploaded a ton of fanny packs, colorful blouses, bomber jackets, swimsuits and more! Be sure to check out her assortment on Whurl when you’re done reading through her interview!

Where are you from?

Michigan! I’m an all four seasons, midwestern gal.

What inspires you?

Anyone that creates something, whether it’s music, art, comedy, even business. If it didn’t exist in this world before you and now it exists because of you, that’s incredible.


What’s your favorite decade?

80s! I’m completely drawn to the bold, colorful, campiness of the decade. Also, I was born in 1980 so the decade carries major personal nostalgia for me.

What’s your favorite place to vintage shop?

Whurl! (haha just kidding, but not really though). While I love vintage shopping online nothing beats a giant outdoor flea market in the summer. It’s part treasure hunting, part people watching, and I can usually eat something from a truck. The perfect combo.


What’s the best thing you ever thrifted?

Any one of my many vintage denim jackets. Like children, I love them all equally.

Name one fun fact about yourself

In 1997, my best friend and I went to see Titanic at the movie theater over 5 times. Leo forever has a soft spot in my heart because of this (my heart goes on for you, Leo, there was room on that door for you!)


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