Whurl Gurls: Meet Dawn of @DawnAquarius !

So happy to have gotten the chance to interview Dawn today for the blog! The part of my job where I get to meet new friends & inspiring women constantly never ceases to amaze me! I’ve been following Dawn for awhile on instagram, both for her vintage shop and for her brilliant illustration work. Her trippy rainbow psychedelic illustration style is a long-time favorite of mine and blends seamlessly with her vintage aesthetic. She’s only been selling on Whurl for a few months, but already her shop is a favorite by many, myself included! Make sure to check out her selection on Whurl after reading a bit more about Dawn below!
Where are you from? I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles- Whittier, if anyone knows it- it’s a funny, groovy lil suburb! I worked at Lovell’s Records out there in my late teens, and there are actually tons of super far-out thrifts and vintage shops. Plus 24 hour donut shops, swoon!
What inspires you? Umm, generally: life, love, art, music, movies and magic– but more specifically: 60s psychedelic art, blacklight posters, rainbows, bright colors, kaleidoscopes, prisms, fruit and vegetables, Hanna Barbera cartoons, dizzying prints on vintage dresses, Family Dog posters, Sid and Marty Krofft shows, sunlight through tall trees, flowers, adventures with my boyfriend in a bright green VW bus, trippy 60s records, hippie nudie mags, electric colored old pins with absurd sayings on them, old sci-fi paperbacks, vintage underground comics, my cats, traveling to faraway lands, mushrooms, butterflies, and true love!
What’s your favorite decade? I guess I’ve been obsessed with the 60s for as long as I can remember– as a decade almost in its entirety, and most of the art, music and film that came out of it. I think we’re better off in a lot of ways now (equality especially, though obviously that’s still a mess), but in terms of culture, I think things were freer and just more experimental then. I just wish everything could be swirling kaleidoscopic neon colors and childlike, wide-eyed love for other humans and creatures. Everything’s too dull these days. I want blindingly bright rainbows of colors everywhere. Flower is power!
What’s your favorite place to vintage shop? I’ve kind-of lived all over the USA, so I have a few favorites– Whittier actually always had the best vintage, always at Savers thrifts. I found probably half of my 60s bell sleeved groovy minidresses in their Halloween section. I LOVE Halloween racks. Best time of the year for us vintage seekers. In Portland, Maine I used to work for a shop called Material Objects, which is all consignment…I think I only took home a paycheck half of the time because I’d just cash it in and spend it on the constantly rotating racks of electric minis and fringe suede Jimi-style vests! The owners are two super amazing ladies, too. Chick power! Lastly, out here in Salt Lake City (and I so hesitate to reveal this, but here goes), there is the most unreal museum of a vintage shop called Decades… It just blows my mind every time I step in there! Racks upon overflowing racks of totally affordable, mint garments from every decade you’d ever care about. The first time I went in totally broke and immediately went home to sell some of my backstock wardrobe so I could blow the cash on Young Edwardian maxis and neon fairy minidresses!
What’s the best thing you ever thrifted? I once thrifted the most magnificent unicorn mug in the whole wide world… Somehow I have managed to not break it yet (knock on wood). It’s my most prized mug in a collection of 60s pop art floral and mushroom coffee cups! I’m actually drinking coffee out of it right now. (shown below)
Name one fun fact about yourself
I have extremely small appendages. I wear a vintage size 5 in shoes and my hands are like children’s hands. Heehee!

Whurl Gurls: Meet Bobbi of @blacklodgevintage!

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.31.14 PM
I’m so excited to introduce you to Bobbi of @blacklodgevintage today! Bobbi and I actually go way back to 2010 (!) when I started working at ModCloth. Bobbi already worked for ModCloth at the time but was based in Pittsburgh and soon after moved to LA. We instantly hit it off with our common love of vintage and even went on a road trip together on a thrift adventure. Flash forward a few years and I’m in awe every time I see her post something new on Whurl. She’s got an amazing eye for the best vintage out there and is constantly on the hunt for the best pieces to bring to you, so keep an eye on her shop!
Where are you from?
I’m from all over, and have lived all over but currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA.
What inspires you?
For the most part, other women. Women who are doing their own thing and being creative and bold ! A huge part, and for me the hardest part, of running a business is putting yourself  “out there”.  Seeing these women, whether they are other vintage sellers, small business owners or just gals being true to themselves and their aesthetic  is truly inspiring.
What’s your favorite decade?
That’s a tough one but i think my heart will always be in the 70s. I’m pretty color and print obsessed and i love the humor in a lot of 70s clothing.
What’s your favorite place to vintage shop?
For me, the thrill of the hunt is half of the fun so my favorite place is at flea markets. It’s fun to wake up early and not know what is in store for you ! You could come home empty handed or with 30 items. Plus you get to see so many unique finds while browsing and can score some major deals.
What’s the best thing you ever thrifted?
Maybe the first thing i ever sold ! I found a pair of snakeskin Doc Martens. It was one of those situations where I saw them in a tiny thrift store in the middle of nowhere. They were totally cool but not really my style. I  knew I couldn’t just leave them there ! They were only a dollar so i bought and held onto them for probably a year, having never worn them. But without those shoes, who knows if i would have started selling Vintage for a living  many, many years later!
Name one fun fact about yourself
I drove across the country twice in 2016
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.11.31 PM

Interview with Susan Koger!


all photos by Emily Alben @coffeeandcherrypie

I’m beyond thrilled to launch Susan’s closet sale on Whurl today! First of all, the clothes are absolutely incredible and range from her personal collection pieces to pieces she bought for inspiration when developing ModCloth’s in-house lines. Secondly, she’s graciously donating all proceeds to Planned Parenthood! That in itself gives me so many tingly warm feelings. Lastly, she’s a close friend of mine and someone who has taught me so much about anything from how to make the most of a carryon suitcase to why there’s room for everyone at the (fashion) table. When I worked with Susan at ModCloth, I came from the fashion world where things felt so stiff and competitive and I quickly learned from Susan how fun and rewarding they can be. My time working closely with Susan was definitely what catapulted me into following my dreams and launching Whurl, so I couldn’t help but be thrilled to get to photograph all her collection (some of which brought back memories for me!) and interview her below. Don’t forget to shop her collection on Whurl after you read through!
Vintage has clearly been a massive part of your identity for long time. What do you love most about vintage? Can you remember when you first fell in love with it?
 I’ve always loved fashion. From as early as I can remember, I’ve had an opinion on what I wanted to wear.  One of my earliest and favorite fashion memories is playing dress-up in my grandmother’s  basement in suburban Philadelphia. She had a trunk full of her old maxi dresses from the 70s, a leopard print coat from the 60s, and other really fun stuff (most of which is now in my personal collection and will never be sold!) My cousins and I used to put on “fashion shows” for her and I just remember feeling like the fanciest person in the world when I wore her clothes.  I started going to thrift stores with my mom at a young age as well. I was never really interested in wearing the same stuff or looking like everyone else, and low thrift store prices gave me the opportunity to do that. Basically, I was kind of always a weird kid, and fashion, vintage fashion in particular, gave me an outlet to express myself and, eventually, embrace that weirdness as something special and wonderful.
As someone who has traveled all around the globe, which city has the best vintage shopping?
Los Angeles is tough to beat.  Vintage buyers travel from all over the world to shop in LA. I really love shopping vintage in different cultures, because you get to see stuff that you just don’t find in the US. Amsterdam is amazing for 60s and 70s European, Berlin has cool 70s and 80s. Tokyo is wonderful but I’ve found that a lot of the vintage there is actually from the US! I’ve heard Eastern Europe is amazing but haven’t really had the opportunity to explore that side of the world yet. Soon!
A little birdie told me you’re currently on a year long trip around the world with your husband, Eric. What sparked this exciting adventure? What are you most excited about?
 We’ve always dreamed of traveling around the world, and a lot of things have come together in our life recently to allow us to take the time to do it now.  I feel really fortunate to have the resources and opportunity to travel like this. I am most excited to see the best that the natural world has to offer. I am an avid hiker and scuba diver, and I want to see it all! Especially with the changing climate, I feel a real sense of urgency to get out in nature and learn more about how I can help preserve as much natural beauty in the world as possible for future generations.
I really appreciate how vocal you’ve been about rejecting our president and the patriarchy in general. What kind of advice can you give to female entrepreneurs in our current political climate?
No matter the political climate: do something you love. Entrepreneurship is a total rollercoaster, and if you aren’t extremely passionate about your venture, it will be impossible to weather the rough times. Build a support network of other female entrepreneurs. It’s so important to have people in your life who understand what you’re going through who you can be completely vulnerable with (side note: thank you for being this for me! I take so much strength from our relationship) Take care of yourself. It’s easy to put everything and everyone else first.
*all photos by Emily Alben

Whurl Gurls: Meet Cory of @LuxieVintage


I’m so excited to share a little interview with one of my favorite sellers on Whurl right now, Luxie Vintage! Aesthetically, Cory and I are extremely similar (like I thought that was me in her photo she sent me above, ha!) loving bright bold florals and 60’s collar details. But one thing I really adore about Cory’s shop is how she sells things from all decades for all types of people. She’s not just catering to her own tastes; you can tell she genuinely wants to find the perfect treasure for everyone out there! Check out some of her items on the Whurl app under “luxievintage” after you read through her interview below!

Where are you from? Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

What inspires you? All of the powerful women in my life! They are lawyers, teachers, dancers, musicians, non-profit workers, fellow vintage sellers, welders, scientists, writers, fashionistas, store owners, photographers and on and on. I feel lucky as hell to be surrounded by such greatness. Sometimes I get to collaborate with them or just tag along while they’re working. Watching those babes in their element inspires me and motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing.

What’s your favorite decade? 1940s. The 60s are a close second place.

What’s your favorite place to vintage shop? Online! I rarely have time to do any personal shopping IRL 😦

What’s the best thing you ever thrifted? A super rare 1970s Los Angeles tattoo parlor shirt. It’s a bittersweet story but one of the most memorable, therefore I consider it one of the best things I ever thrifted. It was in 2012 when I had a brick & mortar vintage shop in Tempe, Arizona. I found the shirt at a thrift store for five dollars. I thought it was a 70s bowling league shirt, tagged it as so and sold it at my shop for $35. The person who bought the shirt off of me immediately told me they were almost positive that it was actually an extremely collectible shirt. That person was correct and ended up selling it on eBay for $1,200.00. At the time, it hurt to watch the auction creep up, but looking back, it taught me and important lesson: if you made a profit, be happy for the sale regardless of what the next person sells it for. That’s just the way of this sort of business. After selling vintage for twelve years, it’s something that I still have to remind myself. Ultimately, I made the profit I wanted off of the shirt. I should be happy for that, not resentful because the next person sold it for more. Ok, that sale still burns a little 🙂

Name one fun fact about yourself: I’m absolutely terrified of E.T. Not so fun of a fact for me, but it seems to be a super fun fact for everyone who knows me.