Holiday Party with Big Bud Press plus pop-up at Friend Mart!

And suddenly it’s mid-December! Not quite sure how that happened so fast, and also not sure if I desperately want 2016 to be over or if I never want it to end? Regardless, here we are, and I wouldn’t want to send off 2016 without saying thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of me and my business. Lacey and I decided what better way to celebrate our customers than to throw a party for them, right? This party will actually have it all: free drinks & snacks, shopping from Whurl, Big Bud Press, Robin Eisenberg, First Ladies Vintage, Not My Circus Vintage, and more! Oh, and did I mention it will take place inside Lacey’s rainbow-muraled headquarters? Hope to see you all there!

unnamed (2).jpg

I’m also SO excited to be part of a pop-up on Saturday at Friend Mart with some really amazing artists and designers like Tuesday Bassen, Twerkstorian, Lillipore, Carly Jean Andrews and way more! I’ll be bringing tons of vintage denim dresses, jackets, and patches so you can create your own masterpiece OR you could could have Ben from World Famous Original chainstitch your fave nickname to the breast-pocket of your new dress. The world is your oyster, my friends!

image1 (16).PNG

Hope to see you guys this weekend and thanks for making this year so amazing for Whurl!


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