Georgia Hardstark’s Closet Sale! Shop Now on Whurl!

I love hosting closet sales on Whurl because even if I already am friends with the person, I learn so much more about them by digging through their clothes. We had been talking about doing this for awhile, so when I met up with Georgia for lunch and she showed up with two giant bags full of impeccably pressed and folded dresses I knew looking through was going to be so fun! She cares as much about clothes she’s ready to get rid of as she does the ones she’s keeping in her closet: a true vintage lover! Read below to find out more about Georgia and check out the sale on Whurl now by searching for user @hardstark on the app or under the hashtag #georgiasclosetsale


photo by Mandee Johnson

What’s a typical day in the life of Georgia?
If I don’t have a morning meeting or appointment, I’ll sleep in a bit which is my favorite indulgence. But the moment I’m up, my whole day is emails and appointments and social media and researching serial killers and running errands. I’m the kind of person that only feels productive when I’ve got a million things to do.
As an A+ podcaster, what are your fave podcasts to listen to?
Oh gosh there’s so many. I’m currently obsessed with the food-centric Smart Mouth, the short stories of The Memory Palace, and every night I fall asleep listening to Sleep With Me Podcast, which is better than Ambien for my insomnia.

available now on Whurl! More added tomorrow at 10 am PST

I love that you’re donating 20% of proceeds to NOW! Why is NOW important to you?
It was so difficult to pick an organization to donate to because there are so many worthy ones out there. I like that NOW doesn’t focus on just one group or cause, but fights for a diversity of women’s rights over a myriad of issues such as domestic violence and ending racism.
What’s your favorite gift you got for Hannukah?
When I was a weirdo teen, my mom got me a Rocky Horror Picture show calendar for Hanukkah. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever owned and showed me that she supported my originality. I’m a terrible gift giver which makes it even harder that my husband is effortlessly great at it.
What’s your fave vintage clothing era to shop for and why?
I’m a fan of anything between 1940s and 1980s, but I’m incredibly picky about what I’ll wear, and the cut of the 1960s seems to compliment my figure best. My style is somewhere between a grandma and Janet from Three’s Company. But more than anything I love stuff that others would find “tacky.” It makes me so happy when I find a dress that makes me laugh out loud by its whimsy and originality. You can’t find anything modern that makes you feel that way.
Name a fun fact most people don’t know about you.
Ummm…oh! I hate to be barefoot. I can’t even walk around my own house without slippers. It just feels so unsanitary.
available now on Whurl! More added tomorrow at 10 am PST


Available no on Whurl! More added tomorrow at 10 am PST

Check out the sale on Whurl if you haven’t yet!

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