Rose Bowl Recap

The flea market yesterday was a welcome distraction from life. At first, I realllly didn’t want to go but I knew I had to so I could find great vintage for Whurl’s holiday assortment.

I was actually pretty invigorated once I started shopping. It’s easy to forget how soothing colors and textures can be for your mind. I love that marabou cuff alongside the flower button. It’s all in the details with vintage!

img_4319How amazing are these vintage tree ornaments?! I’m seriously on the hunt for vintage christmas stuff, but these were a bit out of my price range.

img_4315This is one of my favorite booths to pass. Literally the best selection of color-coordinated kitchen kitsch. I have such admiration for the woman that runs this booth and how well she merchandises her booth every week.


I stopped by to visit Caitlin after a bit of shopping. Her booth always makes me happy. I can’t believe this amazing shirt she has?!


Literally the best flea market snack ever. Refreshing and revitalizing.


Rows and rows of perfect lil deadstock patches. I picked up a few for a project I’m working on.


This god damn mannequin head!! I’ve been searching for years for one at a decent price and they’re always insanely high OR not for sale! This one was the latter; just a display for a jewelry booth.


And here are a few pieces I picked up and will be posting this week! Comment below or DM me for a tag.

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