Helping how I can

IMG_4253.JPGStill trying to climb out of the post-election depressies. It’s like any healing process: one second you think you’re great and “recovered” and then something will remind you of your new reality and it will hit you like a ton of bricks all over again.

Anyway, one huge aspect of those lovely depressies I mentioned is I have had basically no interest in working or anything Whurl-related. I still love my business (duh) but I can’t but feel like nothing really mattersssss. It’s not like I didn’t feel like working but I DID feel like doing something else; nope I pretty much just wanted to cry and sit on the couch all day. I was brainstorming ways I can help those in need and landed on an answer that will not only do that but help motivate me (and hopefully you!) to sell more on Whurl this season and make a difference at the same time.

The fee I receive for every sale made on Whurl is 3% of the sale price. That’s a standard amount and on par with the likes of eBay and Etsy. When you sell on Whurl between now and 12/31/16, that entire fee will not go to me, it will go to NOW the National Organization for Women. NOW fights for abortion rights, greater access to reproductive health care and economic equality as well as combats against racism and bigotry in the LGBTQ community and works to end violence against women.

I hope this helps you (and me) to try to ramp back up on working on our livelihoods & hobbies with more vigor. If you haven’t already, download Whurl here.


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