Kitch Quest

This weekend I spent a lot of time on the hunt for good ole fashion vintage gold. As per usual, I didn’t have anything specific in mind that I needed to find, just hunting for goodies. We found a cool estate sale (actually Aaron found it and gets all the credit) that looked to be primarily overrun with elephant and elvis-related items so we decided to go check it out. Holy moly, the house was stuffed to the gills with stuffed animals and figurines and really any weird doll or kitchen appliance you can imagine.

The photos don’t show how crazy it was! If you saw my snap story, you know! There was an actual “dumbo room” that was only dumbo toys!?


That’s what we came away with! Lots will be posted to Whurl soon and for sale. The next day I went to my favorite monthly flea market, Pasadena City College flea. Only came home with a couple things but still love to peruse.

I know, I know. You’re like “wait more elephants?!”. YUP! I saw this couple at the estate sale the day before scooping up the elephants and lo and behold, reselling at the flea market the following day. Ha!

Always remember to post on Whurl with what you’re searching for so we can keep our eyes peeled when we’re out hunting!



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