Office Makeover

Hi babes! I wanted to share the major transformation the office in my house has undergone. I’m really proud of how great it came out, especially considering a tight budget and not much prior design experience.


This is what the office looked like when we bought the house. Ummm…WHAT?! Bright red carpet? A tiny strand of track lighting?! And why is it so dark in here with so many god dang windows?! This room was actually added on in the 60’s (the house was built in 1928) and though the whole house has wood floors, this room is actually concrete under the carpet. What in the actual F! It took me a long time to brainstorm what I wanted to do with the concrete floors. I was really inspired by Lisa of lalafauxbois’ concrete floor and the paint job her and her husband did. It’s stunning! In the end though, I decided to do something a little easier for me that relied less on precision and more on spontaneity!

First things first, rip up that awful carpet! After doing just that, it felt like a whole new room. Next thing we did was paint the brick wall white to brighten up the room. That part took awhile since the brick is so porous and required quite a few layers in certain areas. Finally after that, we painted the ceiling and walls white, again to brighten it up. The floor was so ugly but we actually set it up the foldout couch in the midst of all of this because we had a visitor. Even with the awful floors, this was the first time I thought it looked like it belonged with us.

Step one was to paint the concrete lilac. I used a paint and primer in one mainly because I’m lazy and wanted to skip ahead to the fun stuff as quick as possible. I’m pretty sure we did two coats and immediately I was in love. I love how the lilac reflects onto the walls and ceilings and really brightens the place up.

I had this wild idea to confetti the floor. I did a little research and didn’t find anything that already existed like it so I just used bits and pieces of other DIYs and my own common sense. I also entered this knowing it was an experiment and it might not work out and if it did, it might not last. So far I’m thrilled with the results! We did a layer of this poly, and while it was wet, threw little clusters of this confetti in the air over it. Obviously, we did small portions at a time because it dries fast. 24 hours later we did a second layer of poly to seal it all in. A few of the confetti pieces came up through the poly but most stayed in place.

I loooove the way it turned out and looking back, it’s kind of crazy to see what it looked like just a few months ago. Hope you enjoyed this peek into my wild pastel world!


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