Introducing: the Whurl blog!

Hey babes! I finally decided it was time to make a blog for all things related to Whurl. I love communicating with y’all via instagram or the app, but I needed a space for more long-form text and a more thorough diary.

If you somehow stumbled on this blog and you’re like “what da f is Whurl?” let me help youuuuu.

My name is Samantha and I launched Whurl about a year and a half ago as a response to my own personal frustrations with buying and selling vintage. As a shopper, I think I can speak for most vintage-lovers when I say it can be hard to find that exact piece you’re searching for. While sellers have the challenge of sourcing the pieces that their customers want. Enter, Whurl! The idea behind Whurl is to turn the feeling of the stale old marketplace shopping system and flip it around where the shoppers can really take control by posting photos of the dream pieces and trends they’re dying for. Sellers browse the requests and post a match when they have one and use it as a helpful fashion forecast when they’re sourcing for their shops. It’s so fun and rewarding to see vintage dreams come true for my shoppers¬†and a process made simpler for my sellers! It’s a win-win! Click here¬†to download Whurl!